Lupin Lottery

Episode 94

Episode 093: Under The Thumb Of Big Egg

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #39 "Pretty Cluckin' Insane"


In this episode, when this crime lord was a lad he ate four dozen eggs every morning, and he's still pretty short.


This week we talk about mystery solved, more of the bad game, FUCK THAT DUNGEON, demon slayer, ancestral fishtank, Federal Breast Inspector, illegal chickens, the eggman, a gross of eggs, Cyborg 006's chad brother, wiggle faster, wow it took four of you guys to kill me, The Egg Boss, death for clapping, eggs are dead to me, pervert dragon bathtub, don't fuck the art, so complicated, not how eggs work, all these cats are dead, don't worry about it, so slimy now, and incredible edible.

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