Lupin Lottery

Episode 94

Episode 094: Serial Widowing For Fun And Profit

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #75 "The Bride Came D.O.A."


In this episode, we encounter a man who really should have met that wax witch lady who made Fujiko giant that one time, things probably would have worked out pretty well.


This week we talk about having a non-interview, I married a gamer, Awakened Links, nerd shit, redneck Utena man, efficeint, road conversation, bit overdramatic, titties out, mayor of wife city, who will wax for Igor, the wife cave, coma bullet, bulk rates, don't touch the hat, is it gay to kiss the living, bad perspective, You. Dead. Now, living women's rights, death by robot wife, bang, bad eats, and Goemon for smash.

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