Lupin Lottery

Episode 95

Episode 095: Lupins Roasting On An Open Fire

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #041 "Heroes And Vixens"


In this episode, we get a LOT of cryptids and mythological beings just extremely casually confirmed, also witches.


This week we talk about no more crimes, botanist needs wine, cabbage is poison, queer punk concert, chicken nugget dog, lupin drinking game, Lamborghini account, tears of a yeti, Jigen isn't straight, universal Lupin monsters, no horny Goemon, Mothers I'd Like to Fill with Soup, not back avenge death, shitty car, criagslist potion seller, filled with giant cephalopods, return of yabahoos, (stares at the camera), *cocks gun* the mountains have yetis, GOEMON CASTRATED A DRAGON, Negging A Yeti, looney tunes-ass shit, let them keep the car, lying kink, prince charming backstory, Lupin's wekaness, drink this mystery goo, 1978 4Loko, and Fujiko stimming ASMR.

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