Lupin Lottery

Episode 96

Episode 096: Kill Bill Gates

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #083 "Lupin's Big Western"


In this episode, a hitman agency tries to film the best commercial ever, by killing Lupin. On a western set.


This week we talk about the cowboy curse, inktober, Throne of Blood, cheesey hitman commercial, cigarette whispering, a fan of film, wiener bros., where'd he get that horse, Toom Stone, damn this plush rump, looney toons time, so long as it works, no foreplay, one sour note, antique train market, totally spies bullshit, dynamite somehow, Buster Keaton's Lupin III, Zenigata has tuberculosis, frenching the camera, no more sex, did Kill Bill reference Lupin III, a Nord's last thought, hanging time, horses love carrots, special fuck bed, and Western Names.

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