Lupin Lottery

Episode 97

Episode 097: An Hour Of Orson Welles Jokes

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #140 "The Wolf Runs and the Pig Rolls"


In this episode, Lupin is after the diamonds of the owner of Canada's largest diamond mine, who is also a rodent scientist, and also dabbles in ichthyology?


This week we talk about unprofessional opening, big spill, dust game, 24 hour ponyta, toe to tip that's a Welles, Lupin-shaped hole, sex vampires, Sarge Mimpson, danger darts, crime Ratatouille, set sword to bash, the majesty of the food chain, not robots, a dollar a jug, I think we're going to need a bigger boat, environmental crimes, infinite diamond mine (NOT FAKE), dinner dome, diamondmancer, house explode button, homing snowball, Lupin scamper, random ending, a lot of rats, and Scooby Doo crossovers.

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