Lupin Lottery

Episode 100

Episode 100: Lupin The Third Digit

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: The 1969 Pilot Film


It's a very special episode as we watch like half a heist take place and reminisce about the past 2 years!


This week we talk about a cavalcade of mistakes, a hotel for Luigis, bullshit time, great new job, Extra Life stream, The Lighthouse cinematic universe, what I stole on my summer vacation, going off on part 5, you had to be there, iconic, who are these people, a Jigen I could really get into, a bad Fujiko, nightmare sex tunnel, nighttime telescope, and also Goemon's here, Akechi died on his way to his home planet, Case Closed fun facts, little Goemon things, and a look back on 100 episodes.

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