Lupin Lottery

Episode 101

Episode 101: Nothing But The Trenchcoat

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #033: "A Rumble Royal"


In this episode, we open semi-en media res to a heist by the boys that's soured by Fujiko!


This week we talk about a happy birthday, still gatin', braver than any US Marine, 6 day shift, where we droppin' boys, WWI political cartoon, DeVito samurai, jag-wire, professor rubbermouth, that old man is dead, a good dynamic, slow burn bimbofication, Sweeny Todd, bad boobs, the money bible, noted beard-haver, The Parent Trap, fun n' flirty tip off, sweet baby baldeshoe, exploding dummies, entrapment, quill beard, and terrible facial hair.

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