Lupin Lottery

Episode 102

Episode 102: The Fujiko Backslide

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #014 "The Case of the Risible Dirigible"


In this episode, a turn-of-the-century Austrian aristocrat builds a giant Zeppelin and challenges Lupin to steal a gem onboard guarded by 3 legendary detectives (and Zenigata)!


This week we talk about anime conventions, Pokemon MILF & Pokemon HIMBO, gamers should be oppressed, come steal this, dirigibles are plane cousins, the most famous detectives, ultimate throwback Thursday, dub differences, less fun, a second eye gem instance, nasty lad, the third Npuru, classic murder mystery, gun gremlin, NOT a vampire, opposite of any white guy, Fujiko OUT, the tiniest airplane, oh right them, death knockout, and ennui at 6, and international fluid.

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