Lupin Lottery

Episode 103

Episode 103: You Can Pick Two

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #112: "Goemon's Close Call"


In this episode, we pinball WILDLY between grisly scenes of torture and slide whistle Looney Tunes bullshit, and it's REALLY good!


This week we talk about the worst hair, destroying a child, local cryptid, snow hell, sick-ass car, anyway here's Wonderwall, intense staredown, he's GAY, destroys some rocks, weaponized horniness, Fujiko sex doll, redirected horny enemies, the panty raid, Zenigata narration, tf2 item, blasting off wolf, double dummied, HARD swerve, Freebird, secondary castle, extreme tonal difference, Eat at Lupin's, tell him I'm not in, set room to fuck, he knows those titties, Castlevania, true friendship, actually kills someone, sitcom ending, and Lupin vs. Strong Bad.

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