Lupin Lottery

Episode 110

Episode 110: DOES LUPIN IS GAY

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #101 "Versailles Burned With Love"


In this episode, the show keeps insisting that everyone in the Lupin gang is straight, with is HILARIOUS.


This week we talk about Totally Spies stole this plot, furries, Sakurai's trick, Versailles Ohio, CHALLENGE PISSING, immediate Zenigata, accidental good animation, tricorn dipshits, just a straight up Rose of Versailles reference, he's dead now, the gorgon in the fireplace, fop Lupin, Lupin Destroys A World Heritage Site, Mr. Bean heist, I rigged it, built up a resistance, plane time, some Odysseus-ass shit, that's a lie, destroying Paris, potion of become statue, and fuck or don't fuck.

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