Lupin Lottery

Episode 111

Episode 111: And Who Could Forget Dear Ratboy

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #023 "Rats To You"


In this episode, everyone's new favorite character Jirokichi IV teams up with Goemon to steal some worthless crap!


This week we talk about boutta head out, New Bedford-Punk, nose bra, show us where he stole, where's Fujiko, whole rat ass, a bad woodcut, further from Billy's light, butt pills, a new ICPO chief, unknown thief treasure, Mouse Hunt (1997), GEORGE LAZENBY, shidding and fahdding, Dangerous Criminal, my turn for face putty, peak NB energy, the strong must protect the sweet, century-year-old documents, it's Boyrat, horribly wrong in the land of tumblr, and Craig Ferguson on the money.

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