Lupin Lottery

Episode 118

Episode 118: Lupin's Precious Bodily Fluids

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #137 "Lupin Vs. the Mystery Man with Two Faces"


In this episode, a Salvador Dali expy wants Lupin to be the subject of his latest work of art: a human sculpture!


This week we talk about Dali's Trapcore Remix, you need a high IQ, Animal Crossing weakness, Crying Breakfast Friends critical, some smurf bullshit, art is garbage, detective Maggie, gender is a prison, normie gift, ugly children, hell tunnel boat, a face only a surrealist could love, kiln goop, good visual gag, big steppy, IT'S DIGNITY HOLLY, 5 day calendar, Dali hero of winds, emergency condom, that's all folks, and animal cruelty.

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