Lupin Lottery

Episode 119

Episode 119: Team Work Makes The Meme Work

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #130 "The Magnificent Team-Play Operation"


In this episode, Lupin and the gang have an intricately planned heist to steal a diamond, and we all learn a lesson about teamwork for some reason!


This week we talk about some kinda bullshit, the 80s invented penis music, Holly's month in, impulse fish, outside alarms, Doug Funnie III, lot of imagine spots, shitty museum, a trap for Lupins, abandoned hideout district, cop explosion, Fujiko's side-B, cram that jaw, fics like this, utter dipshit, Rube Goldberg heist, extremely funny, cops per square inch, troll science, really WEIRD moral, pwease no steppy, and comics be like that.

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