Lupin Lottery

Episode 127

Episode 127: The Louvre Boat

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #042 "Crusin' In Drag"


In this episode, in order to sneak onto a boat full of priceless artwork, Lupin has to disguise himself as a woman, and the old creep who owns it naturally falls in love with him. It blows.


This week we talk about pre-gaming, league of leg end, Avatar, our sponsor grlboxx, Hank Hell, variations upon a Fujiko, these guns were made for walkin', hot babe alert, Lupin's first HRT shot, horny for this one, weirdly prepared, Picassos and Monets first, Lupin gets clocked, searching for scraps, boner juice, slut surgery, loops back around to progressive, betrayed Jigen, free cake, Jess the sugar momma, and it hits different.

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