Lupin Lottery

Episode 132

Episode 132: Free Range Gogo Dancers

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #133 "Keep Your Hands Off the Hot Treasure"


In this episode, everyone lies to everyone else and Lupin has a Zenigata muppet.


This week we talk about Clone High cast, we are da rats, gender is stupid, a movie that ends, booty shorts that say hot treasure, if Barbie lied, those endearing young guns, how does lava work, Lupin's polycule, WHY DOES HE HAVE THESE PUPPETS, so many lies, Lupin makes everyone shit, fucked up spider, corn shack, thank god it's the mob, ??? profit, horrible connections, gross coffee boy, can't help being a mobster, everyone's bad at shooting, secret fed, not how parachutes do, jello bath bomb, and hoenn legendaries.

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