Lupin Lottery

Episode 136

Episode 136: Betamax TWO

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #063 "A Trap For a Trap!"


In this episode, Lupin is framed for the theft of the fortune of a rich man who on his death bed was going to donate it all to charity.


This week we talk about final third breakdown, new car, Holly's gambling problem, 4kids edit, reverse president, John Beepboop, ==>[s] Fujiko: Ascend, no dignity, BIG! VACUUM! HOSE!, the Groupon gang, had it set to disintegrate, just like a real billionaire, 3D porn device, real scrooge mcduck hours, calculator in the dark, animation detective, stuck in a rut, everything goes off the rails, twelvehead ass, sexily scorched, lightning powers, and boo-illionaires.

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