Lupin Lottery

Episode 137

Episode 137: Death Safe The Safe That Kills People

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #089 "Play The Thieves' Symphony"


In this episode, there's an impenetrable safe located deep underground that seems to only exist to tempt Lupin into trying to crack it. It works.


This week we talk about relatable Holly memes, little bean boys, dude getting shot in the dick, the safest house, boat of a car, how it's made audience, dog personality, he's dust now, 1/4 anime, do a flip, a couple minutes of dog torture, the lads, could a depressed person build this, thanks crunchyroll, safe with good taste, tiger upgrade, lemonade leak stand, not how balloons work, you've made a dirty bomb, not horny enough, and fun snake abuses.

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