Lupin Lottery

Episode 138

Episode 138: Hypnopedia

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #087 "When The Devil Calls To Lupin"


In this episode, a man named Mephistopheles gives Lupin an incredibly haunted doll, and thus kicks off a bafflingly antisemitic episode!

This week we talk about Manderville man, my god these bitches gay, Jess married a cop, old friends, sick fish, scooby doo-lookin' ass, pirate chic, hey Lupin buddy, real evil doll hours, it's from Faust, time to simp for Fujiko, jaunty diamond prance, just the WORST friends, shows up to be wise, Goemon's hypno kink, fucked in hindsight, EXTREMELY shot, NO SUBTLETY ALLOWED, (chomp), cat eyes, Lupin sitcom, the WORST helpers, big inflation fetish goat, little bit cringe, and the Korra defender has logged on.

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