Lupin Lottery

Episode 147

Episode 147: Hot Single-Edged Swords In Your Area

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #036 "The Riddle of Tsukikage Castle"


In this episode, it's Goemon's turn to pick the heist for some reason.


This week we talk about terminal Ranma brain, full assets, no voleyball in Lupin, treasure map will, slicr, non-standard hot chick, FUCK mountains, fashion icon, what are bats, almost died, waltz on into the demon gate, NEXT LUPIN'S HINT, I truly hate being alive, Lupin onlyfans, hat and blindfold, dumb puzzles, kite-based technology, why is this on the ones, Lex Lang scream, gay little climb, freeze frame death, an Aristocats situation, zoinks a g-g-g-gilf, and the obvious answer.

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