Lupin Lottery

Episode 148

Episode 148: The Enigma of Lupinigara Fault

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #144 "Fujiko's Close Call Rescue Operation"


In this episode, Fujiko is thrown into a death piggy bank for (checks notes) tourism purposes.


This week we talk about ghost bux, continued Ranma brain, cook or die, metal catholicism, fuck gyms, hot new aprons, LUPIN YOU CAN JUST BE A GIRL HOLY SHIT, weird old men disaster, yo you got holes, pool abduction, coin silo, lying to boys, love to do a murder, lad's day out, night cheering, my oboey, murder security, embarrassing photos of Lupin, captin hook, Dr Evil shit, gotta crash economies to build economies, not helping, it's us, sick vape rig, everyone's friends, and five-finger acres.

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