Lupin Lottery

Episode 151

Episode 151: Does A Gay Little Heist That Pisses Jess Off

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #123 "Robbery In Paris"


In this episode, a small girl has a crush on Lupin, and he is fortunately very uncomfortable about that!


This week we talk about Giant Robo, big blue lady, so many boys, landlord yelling, goth fish, just some guy, kinda weird, lads on the porch, Lupin vs the HOA, ramen fun, GUESS I'LL DIE, drunk challenging, weird lore, official rock-looker, cool motive still stealing, weird security, could have been fun, got cold juice, toss the rock, some kinda not giving up cop guy, girl boss Françoise, the tiny stealin' bitch, and a polycule of gay rats.

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