Lupin Lottery

Episode 153

Episode 153: You Know How It Is With These A Cards

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #134 "The Surrounded Summit Strategy"


In this episode we get a delightful surprise in the twilight days of Red Jacket as Zenigata traps Lupin on a mountain surrounded by 10 million cops.


This week we talk about clearing a low bar, my girls, stardew time, f-bomb title, deep Massachusetts cuts, gay little truck, oil exterminators, little prancing leap, sofa dracula, hit my pants quota, floating Lupin, he's gay Lupin, exposition TVs, my 10 year plan, damn Zeni, remote control plane magnet, UN for cops, Britain is just Scotland, Zenigata loses all regard for human life, got that classical music, doing real important jack shit, copalanche, Lupin slaps your shit, sure whatever, Zenigata feral moments, acabification tf, good things we've done, stealing the new year, and sexiest plane.

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