Lupin Lottery

Episode 155

Episode 155: Unionize The Thirds

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #008 (or 009) "Now Museum, Now You Don't


In this episode, an unchractaristically altruitic Lupin helps an old man finish his longest of cons.


This week we talk about I diagnose you with death, grapefruit, Alan Johanson, what a nice young man, random live action, reinvent buses, front Lupin, Holly the failure, one last job, grandpa's extravagant end table, microwave desk, a Jigen snack, pwease mistuh Epcaw, resigned to his fate, this doesn't matter, dressed like watermelon candy, Zeni Kong, the Lupin rap, ...flight time, offscreen Mr. Bean, The Wind Rises, a dark day for our podcast, The L Hotel, and car chase motion ride.

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