Lupin Lottery

Episode 156

Episode 156: Hissgender

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #138 "The Treasure of Pompeii and Venemous Snakes"


In this episode, Lupin throws himself into snake hell to get his hands on some treasure that eluded even his grandfather.


This week we talk about Holly fucked up, the lupin laptop, read my podcast, cooking corner, snantlers, professor Goemon, the summer of AD 79, Fujikoface, a different habit, centipede infested sex, scooby doo bullshit, voice powers, jump the nuns, is Lupin I problematic, big Rincewind energy, anime English text, hospital theft, snake reveal party, snaringan, snories, demolishes this man, 99 Snake Balloons, big fuckin' net, gum in the nose, the Lupin signal, descending hotness order, just be a girl, and new snake just dropped.

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