Lupin Lottery

Episode 157

Episode 157: Quantum Supertexas

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #104 "The Most Dangerous Golden Bed"


In this episode, a rich dude has a fancy bed, and Fujiko told Lupin she'd fuck him on it.


This week we talk about how Jess can't read, possible food poisoning, all her fault, love a swamp, that's how planes do, just like Hitler, fucked up trashcan, bulb storage confirmation, sex DLC, CRIME TIME, proto Gumshoe, home-tel detective, discout bed and acid warehouse, Larry Butz energy, duck and cover, another acid death, tap dance or die, jetpacks and johdpur, Grandpa Lupin's Shitty Bed, and what if Wario was one of us.

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