Lupin Lottery

Episode 158

Episode 158: Assume The Oviposition

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #105 "They Mystery of Demon's Deah Island"


In this episode, Zenigata gets an adorable sidekcik, and Fujiko gets kidnapped by a nerd!


This week we talk about hitting mans, Clue, ASCII talking stick, different Lupin, boobies tho, time for crab, smart young 55 year old, two whole ranks, no such thing as mysterious, show feet, cop junior, making out in the woods, gun shaped box, Fujiko Funny Moments, better wife guy, racism?, net boner, how 2 fuck, jerrybob, comically large syringe, catepillaring, not enough background, meowth coins, new team mascot, impossible in several ways, check your ears, bad stupid episode, done flatlanded them, they died down there, Scooby Doo's a cop, and Mark loves Vince


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