Lupin Lottery

Episode 160

Episode 160: Resting Monkeyface

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #067 "Monkey King Business"


In this episode, Lupin undergoes a journey westward in order to steal the ancestral treasure of a kingdom that consists of 4 people, two of whom are weird oni men.


This week we talk about I ain't reading all that, hrt-iversary, pokemon news, mythological reenactment, Lupin's chad strut, leaving Zenigata for dead once more, keep scrollin', we're gonna get pellagra, I love Urusei Yatsura, literal gas-lighting, Lupin's fantastic voyage, chess Fortnite, back to the square cube law, we don't dig giant robots, a real Meet Dave situation, it was salt the whole time, the ending of Grease, and pitting bad bitches against each other.

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