Lupin Lottery

Episode 164

Episode 164: Lupin Adventure 2 Battle

Holly Edalyn published on

This week we watched the first half of Lupin III: The Mystery of Mamo (1978)!


We talk about 4th time's the charm, where'd they get that, why everyone looks Like That, dark mode Goemon, junior prom Lupin, Flonch, professor Lupin, helicopters are complicated, escape from the city, dumbest car physics, North by Northwested, for real the last time for real, Lupin sayings, invents a guy to get mad at, G Gordon Liddey is a lot like a refridgerator, Benrey Gissinker, surreal hell chase, rejected muppets, no tiger poster, zorb brain, and (un-bigs your face).

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