Lupin Lottery

Episode 165

Episode 165: Clone High 2: Spring Break

Holly Edalyn published on

This week, we finished up "Lupin III: The Mystery of Mamo" (1978)!


We talked about barnacle boy, Lupin the First Movie, fish eye Lupin, can't clone boobs, Yankees-esque pummeling, not in front of Mamo, keen new colors, sultry pops, reinforcements, yam plate armor, real cool effect, classic lestlan, Cat's in the Cradle, shut the fuck up Holly, puts you in a screensaver, Case Closed dipshit, corpse party, clone slurry, pandora's nukes, lives and clones for drama, burning felt, big brain Mamo, bastard decision, best Lupin media, fuck my clone, and a fancy new robot body.

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