Lupin Lottery

Episode 167

Episode 167: Clarisse on the Grassy Knoll

Holly Edalyn published on

This week, we finished "Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro" (1979)!


We talked about straight spidermanning, failed the lamp test, not even a trickster god, dem bones, priorities, slow on the uptake, Holly only wants one thing from globes, bitch machine, does not give a shit, well why'd you put them in then, video game health, gender reveal pope, rancid wedding vibes, real cool cameraman, bad bad actor, Cagliostro prance, Castlevania 3 clock level, either 9:15 or 2:45, grisly end, those awful planes, RIP this poor girl, all filler no killer, and we're all Lupin poisoned.

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