Lupin Lottery

Episode 169

Episode 169: Jigen Is Sus

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #06: "Rainy Afternoons Are Bad"


In this episode, we get some of the straight-up hard-boiled noir stuff that was more or less entirely absent from Red Jacket!


This week we talk about superbeans, Lupin III Union Jacket, eyebrow metal, big pokemon week, Cool Gunman, a man called Kid's Meal, makin' three mouth, nipple armor, waking coma, bad vibe from her, crime surgeon, megaman-ass name, kickass name, dipshit doctor, fuck around to find out, these power rangers suck, waste of mcnuggets, my hand belt, it came from somewhere, hey look behind you, our new friend Ramrod, kiss that corpse diamond, team Protagonists Actually.

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