Lupin Lottery

Episode 171

Episode 171: Who's This Joker

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #08 "The All-Together Playing Card Operation"


In this episode, Fujiko is obsessed with some extremely unlucky cards.


This week we talk about peak Holly, big (for them), the conehead man, you are already robbed, oops all jesters, it's fun to grab a boob, nobody knows I'm searching for Lupin, cross hatching dimension, jump into the cake, high as shit, watch me swooce right out, Lupin frames with an elegiac aura, Jokes clown found dead in Miami, orphan murder, goemon kills some people, full of asbestos, monster house situation, distortion filter, king of beers card, aw fuck do I protect capital, I think he's dead, nothing personnel kid, and all I want for Christmas is Poon.

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