Lupin Lottery

Episode 172

Episode 172: Splat Tim The Third

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #22, "The First Move Wins Computer Operation!"


In this episode, Lupin tells the idea of predestination to go fuck itself!


This week we talk about wrath month, outside bones, married into money, big fuckin' computers, that sign won't stop me, bad joke, beset by goons, sick-ass bongos, predictive text Bob Dylan, HELLO GORDON, ghost dimension, the guy who did this, world's first fanfic, best quality, adventure game logic, Holly has one joke, driven to despair, Goemon has An Emotion, het computer, the gays are back in town, miss not-appearing-in-this-episode, Phoenix Wright Lupin, and the Conan ramen stared back.

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