Lupin Lottery

Episode 173

Episode 173: Inspector Redditor

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #19, "Which of the Third Generation Will Win!"


In this episode, Lupin is pitted against the grandson of the police inspector who dogged his own grandfather, and who I guess is technically also the brother of Inspector Melon from Red Jacket.


This week we talk about Jess' love for this show, the big Ranma movie, pokemon go-ed to sleep, sick new tat, inspector shithead, that trap can't stop me, low-rent cultural fair, proto-wojack, science logic and occultism, cursed mid-disguise, different hat, the girls are fighting, the dream team, (persona 5 voice) b-beans?, FAILED AGAIN HAVE YOU, I'm gonna say stupid, IRL eyes emoji, literal paid protesters, the sakuga dimension, all is Lupin, and so much for your PRECIOUS logic.

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