Lupin Lottery

Episode 174

Episode 174: The Pycal Defender Has Logged On

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #02, "The Man They Called A Magician"


In this episode, a man is after some secret film slides, and he can shoot fire and is impervious to bullets!


This week we talk about ime for your podcasting, normal psyche, too much gaming, chip damage, 80% reloading, that classic character trait, stupid car, skinny jeans pioneer, Enya falls, GIVE ME YOUR PHONE, Fire Bloy, clammy motherfucker, baby's first adventure game puzzle, Pycal Funny Moments, r/malelivingspaces, cranial trauma mind palace, biggest road, weird dream sequence, youth pastor Lupin, bullet-stopping juice, can only be called excruciating, just chillin', whiskey 2, and fun with gases.

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