Lupin Lottery

Episode 175

Episode 175: Chad Daddy Goemon

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #07 "When One Wolf Calls Another"!


In this episode, we're joined by guest Bomb for the episode where Lupin meets Goemon! Again! For the first time! Also, new Zantetsuken lore.


This week we talk about Lupin pop quiz, what are crowds, hope eradicated, this man HATES art, do not uwu, HEY MOE energy, ugly UGLY contestants, don't get got, sometimes you fuck your friend, killing voice, tiny pepperoni, we have technology, coneheads in chat, really came prepared, no guns allowed, these men are dead, cutting the wind, fight for my love, this is Siegward to me, dumbass hit by 2 anvil halves, soft but stupid, caked up samurai, illegal phone noises, and sword DLC.


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