Lupin Lottery

Episode 176

Episode 176: Zenigata's Well-Guarded Hole

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #176 "Let's Catch Lupin And Go To Europe!"


In this episode, Zenigata reaches peak ADHD relatable by over-extending himself in order to people please!


This week we talk about shadows brought, Columbo, Deadly Premonition, Copcon '69, looks like a crayon, Forbes' 50 worst heads, yam glass, please no yelly, this is Benny Hill to me, bigfoot energies, don't tell me this man is straight, love me not, hey look over there, driving home thinks of penis, feral Zenigata, and then everyone clapped, got a new hat, there's a Lupin on the wing, the 70s were wild, secret booze tunnel, and real cool old plane hours.


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