Lupin Lottery

Episode 181

Episode 181: Juice That Makes You Explode

Holly Edalyn published on

Episode watched: #03, "Farewell My Beloved Witch"


In this episode, there's some flowers that can be used to make nukes, or arm nukes, or something? In any case don't fucking eat them.


This week we talk about spooky hair, home organization, North v South beef, hate a sloppy three way, rapid fire bullshit, discount Jigen, the scent of Linda, escalating gayness, OCEAN code, we've all seen witches, the flower hole, brick speaker, gay little prance that delights me, what just fucking happened, Lupin died on impact, trix are for kids, naked Lupin, the way the Bim Bos, and make up a dew-d.

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