This is a classic podcast from and Hosted by Speedyf40, Maxmaps, and Kae who produced over 150 Episodes chronicling the weeks gaming news starting in 2006.


Here is this oringal wirte up:

Informing commentary on the gaming and technology industry has never been so entertaining and funny. MaxSpeed has been reporting on the big issues that effect gamers and the gaming lifestyle for over three years. Listeners are treated to a stand-out style and unique view points from the three hosts: Speedy, Maxmaps, and Kae. They live thousands of miles apart each within their own country. The hosts unite each week to clash on issues like: Gaming in the media, Innovation within the industries, and other topics that encourage listener to think. MaxSpeed is a fast paced show with featured segments like “The Spanish Inquisition” where each week the Maxmaps, who was born in Spain, asks the listeners a question that encourages them to participate in the live chat room. Within every episode, live listeners compete for a “Listener Wish” which allows the winner to pick one topic for the hosts to cover on the next episode. With hundreds of thousands of downloads and a dedicated listener base, the show powers through it's hour long broadcast with a humorous, informed swagger that can only be brought you by MaxSpeed

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