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Episode 10

Episode 10: Creating and building a Paradigm shift for healing with Anita Casalina

Natalie Forest published on

Healing – healing means so many things to so many people.  Today I am honored and thrilled to welcome Anita Casalina who is a “World Changer” and whom I had the pleasure of meeting and staying in touch with many years ago – some connections last throughout the years.  As the Founder of “Billions Rising Foundation”, and accomplished author, healer, show creator. Founder of “World Changers Television”, and much more she shares her vision.  Award-winning Producer and Director Anita Casalina has always been drawn to telling stories about peace and prosperity. She has made educational films for Physicians for Social Responsibility, Friends of the Earth, Foster Parents Education, and other non-profit organizations. Despite a comfortable childhood, her early life in Oakland, CA gave her perspective and compassion toward the difficulties those in poverty faced daily. As she gained a better understanding of the scope of global poverty, the problem felt insurmountable. In 2011, Anita met a man who had worked for USAID in Africa. Amazed by his success “in the field,” giving people the tools to become self-sustaining, Anita was inspired to co-found the Billions Rising, Self-Reliance Foundation. The mission to highlight global programs, organizations and projects that promote sustainable solutions to end poverty led her to create the BlogTalk Radio show “Billions Rising.” The interviews from that show were the foundation of her best-selling book, Billions Rising, Empowering Self-Reliance. The success of her book further inspired her to spread a message of positivity.

She is also deeply involved in the movie “Imaginary Walls, a Film About Healing Racism”, which is a big part of our conversation on healing,  as the producer.
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