MIS-FIT: Start Living and Thriving Now with Dr. Natalie Forest
Episode 22

Give Gratitude

Natalie Forest published on

Giving … giving is something that comes naturally to some while others hold back; they hold back for a variety of reasons and yet, in the end, the reason is a subconscious belief in lack.  Thus, Giving is Abundance.  Who gives and why?

When you give, do you have an agenda or do you give because … it’s right?

Giving means understanding all you have.  Giving means expressing your gratitude by sharing what you have; whether that is money or time or a gesture or … there are no limits to giving!  Step out of those boxes and BE a MISFIT: give YOUR way.  That way you open the door to abundance and the energy will reflect your gratitude. 
Now, that does not mean give so you receive – you still need to be “agenda-less” in many ways and not expect anything in return as the act of giving itself is already enough.

Let’s explore today how you are giving or not giving and why.  Let’s open those doors to gratitude and receiving.


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