MIS-FIT: Start Living and Thriving Now with Dr. Natalie Forest
Episode 2

I am a “Mis-Fit” – are you?

Natalie Forest published on

In today's episode we are exploring the idea of BEing a "Mis-FIT".  What does it mean?  What does it not mean? 
We will dive into why I am a "Mis-Fit" and a Revolutionary and how I came to realize this so that today, I can assist you in your life so you can Start Living and Thriving NOW - without regrets and apologies.

In this episode I will also share an initial insight into my groundbreaking process "The Hidden Power of Patterns" and why it is so important for us to BE ourselves -- and how to start on this amanzing and loving journey to BE. 
Lastly, I will outline the 5 main types I have seen and that I base this process on, when it comes to BEings and change.... which one are you?
Join me today and let the journey begin!

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