MIS-FIT: Start Living and Thriving Now with Dr. Natalie Forest
Episode 13

NOW is the thing – NOW is the time with Scot Ferrell

Natalie Forest published on

Today, meet Scot Ferrell – an amazing human who has seen a lot, done a lot, and will not stop as it’s all about “carpe diem.”

Today, we talk about NOW, NOW is the time.
Today you will get to know my friend Scot and quickly see why he is considered a “no-nonsense” coach and why him and I get along so well.

Scot is a nationally known authority on business behavior, human programming, family and marriage, parenting and finding purpose. What sets Scot apart is his “no-nonsense” straight talk delivery that focuses on achieving results.

Among many other accomplishments, he is

• 2-time national and international best-selling author for business-related books: “Power Principles for Success,” and “It’s Not Them, It’s You” – Rated #1 Business Book in Australia
• Trusted TV & radio expert: USA Today, Fox News, ABC, NBC, Wall Street Journal & CBS

Meet him also on: www.Scotferrell.com

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