MIXTAPE GUMBO: Exploring The Human Experience
Episode 6

6. OPT OUSTIDE: Why Camp? + Things to Consider before Camping | Willie Nelson's album, Red Headed Stranger | The Importance of Getting Outside

Carlton Cullins published on


Episode 6. The theme of this episode, however focused or not it may seem, is centered around thoughts on Camping and Spending More Time Outdoors, even in the City. Typically, each episode breaks down into 3 main parts. For this episode, those 3 are: Reasons everyone should spend a night sleeping Outdoors/Things to Consider before Camping; Willie Nelson and his groundbreaking album Red Headed Stranger; Reasons to Opt Outside. (find my "camping list" below). After finishing listening, make your way over to my MIXTAPE GUMBO PODCAST PAGE on Facebook. After the original release date of each episode, i post fun, interesting links of various particulars talked about during the episode. Thank you for listening. I truly appreciate it. Please come back next time.

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Written & Produced by Carlton Cullins in Austin, Texas. All music by Carlton Cullins,  Copyright 2017.

*(CARLTON'S CAMPING LIST): Tent. Rain Tarp. Sleeping pad (foam, inflatable mattress+pump or extra blankets). Sleeping bag. Extra blankets (if cold). Pillows. Ear-plugs. Flashlights/lanterns. Weather appropriate clothing and footwear. Food & Drinks. Cooler. Extra drinking water. Camp Stove+fuel. Appropriate cooking/serving/cleaning utensils. Towel. Firewood. Firestarters and other combustible materials (if fires are allowed). Bug spray. Emergency First-aid stuff. Charge all electronics beforehand and limit usage to preserve power. If electricity is available, bring an extension chord. Camp chairs. Radio/Music. Portable Video. Christmas lights. Backpack (if needed). Extra batteries.   


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