Episode 14

All Your Hot Takes Float Down Here

State-Lines published on

On this installment of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!, Doofin and Talley discuss the fallout from Hurricane Irma, the impending Hurricane Maria, and the perfect storm of name calling and word salad that is Hurricane Trump. Trying not to fall into the bog of eternal stench that is political talk, the guys tiptoe around it, escaping into a sewer of horror movie talk. They tackle some tired horror hot takes before dropping a few of their own, and answering pressing fright film questions, like is THE WITCH -- or THE VVITCH -- a horror movie? (it is) Is IT a horror movie? (IT is). The scary movie talk gets them nostalgic for the creature features of old, which leads to fond remembrances of slasher movie franchises and their own holiday movie watching traditions. A few anecdotes about Talley’s toddler later, the hosts end on some tv show recommendations (Adam Ruins Everything and Master of None), but not before bashing a couple of others (The Big Bang Theory and most of Seth MacFarlane's catalog). Episode 14, a bunch of Hocus Pocus, is heard exclusively on the State Lines Network!


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