Episode 22

Delroy Lin-Dos & Don'ts with Chud & the Beast

State-Lines published on

Atop their respective stacks of moving boxes, Doofin and Talley return with an installment of 'MULTIMEDIOCRITY' that is heavy on reggaeton air horn drops and Delroy Lindo name drops. Running on fumes, the punchy gents discuss their highs and lows at bar trivia, the recent SpaceX launch that sent Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster into space, and the staying power of both the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise and a few iconic radio broadcasters. Plus, some thoughts on Super Bowl LII, why riot-like behavior somehow gets excused when it’s celebratory, and the good and bad of the big game’s commercials and movie trailers. “Chud and the Beast” let all the children boogie on this twenty-second edition of the Tide ad– err, podcast… or... or is it just a Tide ad? Tune in to find out, only on the State Lines Network!

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