Episode 18

For Those About To Ragnarok

State-Lines published on


On this installment of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!, Doofin takes back his co-host chair, but is magnanimous and gives way for State-Lines’ own Daniel Cura to join the program once again. They and Talley can’t help but begin with the litany of new names, some breaking as they recorded, being accused of sexual misconduct. The guys admit to having a hard time processing how to handle consuming art by some of the accused, and wonder where it all ends, if it ever does. Eventually, the gents do pivot, and discuss a number of rock bands that have lost and/or switched up lead singers and the non-existent war between Tampa and Orlando, before ending on their thoughts on the latest MCU entry, THOR: Ragnarok. In short, they all agree it was Rad-narok. No, wait. It Ragna-rocked. It-- just-- they really dug it. Take a trippy ride to Ass-gard with the podcasting Revengers on episode 18, heard on the State Lines Network!

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