Episode 24

Getting Woke with Dad Jokes

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"DO NOT CONGRATULATE" Doofin and Talley on this goofier-than-usual installment of 'MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!' On the program this week, the guys fondly remember being Toys "R" Us kids, Eddie Murphy's R-rated films, and a pre-puffy Vince Vaughn. They manage to discuss Harry Potter, TV spinoffs, and a few awful contributions to the rap game from '80s pop idols and American sports teams as well. After expressing their general indifference to massive data breaches, an argument sillier than a sitting president and former vice president boasting about who could kick whose ass in a fight ensues: that being In-N-Out versus Taco Bell (we've all seen DEMOLITION MAN, so you know who wins in the end). 

Talley showed up to this one with an arsenal of lame references and "dad jokes," while Doofin came armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of boy bands that would make Lou Pearlman blush. Your trusty co-hosts did not, however, "come here to look for trouble, they just came to do the Super Bowl Shuffle!" The gents also look ahead to AVENGERS: Infinity War and squint cautiously at READY PLAYER ONE, then things get 'phone call scene in SWINGERS' awkward, as they offer reparations to you, the listener, for making it through their nonsense (Hashtag: "DONOTCONGRATULATE"). Take a bribe from them on episode 24, heard via the State Lines Network!

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