Episode 26

Infinity Stones in the Stream

State-Lines published on

After a few weeks away, MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast! is back! On this brisk episode, Doofin and Talley take to the microphones to discuss, in spoilery detail, AVENGERS: Infinity War! They talk about the audience reactions at their respective theaters, some of the finer action and character moments of the ambitious, eventful film, and the giant (Infinity) stones on Marvel Studios for ending the picture the way they did. Also be on the lookout for past podcast guest Shane Domrongchai, who makes a brief Stan Lee-esque cameo on the show.

This cannot be stressed enough: ** if you have not yet seen AVENGERS: Infinity War, do not listen to this episode! ** The guys can’t help but return to dissecting, i.e., spoiling it, all throughout the program. They do venture away a time or two, though, diving deep into hair band power ballads, Kenny Rogers songs, and poor audience behavior at live events. Learn when to hold ‘em, fold ‘em, walk away, and run with your trusty co-hosts on this 26th installment, heard via the State Lines Network! "Thanos Will Return."

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