Episode 31

Peener, Pumper, Gerbil, Spy

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This installment of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast! finds the Two Musketeers (who, in this case, are both Porthos) discussing films they didn’t see, like CHRISTOPHER ROBIN and CRAZY RICH ASIANS, and one Doofin regrettably did, THE MEG (more like THE 'Meh'G, amirite?). He and Talley also reflect on NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, TROPIC THUNDER, and Daniel Craig's mostly solid run as James Bond, all in-between touching on topics such as STAR WARS, Billy Crystal, Florida's many shortcomings, and fanboys' selective outrage.

Things get goofy, as the gents consider the lack of male nudity in American film, ponder the staying power of some pre-Internet celebrity rumors (Richard Gere inserted what?! Rod Stewart ingested what?! Marilyn Manson removed what?!), and repeatedly fall back on impressions of Tom Hardy's Bane. Will Talley ever watch INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL? Will Doofin come around on PADDINGTON? Will Matthew Conaughey’s McConaissance ever end? These questions and more go unanswered on Episode 31, heard via the State Lines Network!

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